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On Drakeford's "happy news"..........

Posted on May 18, 2015 at 4:50 AM

Monday morning - Woken up with so much wrong that is yet to be rectified. Apparently to some, it should be a "happy" one. I think those who have said this of the rather rushed announcement by Mark Drakeford this morning have to look carefully at themselves in the mirror and realise fully of what has been promised or allocated. We're talking £90,000 PER local authority merely to "clear the backlog of diagnoses" and only for children and young people for diagnosing purely Autism (doesn't mention the rest of the spectrum) and ADHD. It is NOT a promise for providing post-16 service provision. It is NOT a promise to add this money to the de-ringfenced £45,000 PER local authority Children and Young People's Autism Strategy to put to services. The figures don't match up - ask yourselves WHY he is going to be giving out £90k to clear a backlog of diagnoses for children and young people, but NOT put even the smallest fraction BACK into providing post-16 services!. Also, Drakeford said that adults 'need not worry' earlier in the year due to his precious Social care and wellbeing act that doesn't come into force til the end of 2016 at the earliest (and that is for present adult services that are either hard to access, regardless if one has a diagnosis, is being cut by Central Government AND that relies on DIRECT PAYMENTS that seem to be restricted according to what the Local Authorities decide it can be spent on!). So, a "good day", REALLY!? NO PEOPLE - You have been offered something so that Drakeford can return to the assembly unchallanged in 2016 without having to do the right thing. DON'T let him fool you! I am NOT happy about this decision ‪#‎actuallyautistic‬

Also, I have to ask, what has he promised the ADHD communtiy in terms of services that Drakeford is not providing now? I'd like to know in case those who are 16+ #actuallyautistic are being sidelined as "troublemakers"...

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