David Malins: The Asperger's Syndrome Pioneer

About Me

Born: 21st December 1986 @ 7pm Hereford County Hospitol

Age: 31 years old

Religion: Progressive Anglican and "Born Again" Christian (Church of England - Confirmation by Bishop of Hereford 1999, Madley Parish Church, Hereford)

Diagnosed: Child Development Centre, Belmont, Hereford- With Asperger's Syndrome (Aged: 4)

Re-Diagnosed: Penderyn Health Centre, Cardiff - with Asperger's Syndrome (Aged: 23)

Interests: General Studies/Geography, Advanced Cyclist Training, Micronational Geography/"new nation" projects, Sound Engineering & Community Media, Swimming, Walking, Voice-Over work

Qualifications & Accolades: 

Certificate of Higher Education (Geography), South Wales

Vocational Qualifications: Preparation for work Level 3

A Levels: General Studies(B), Geology(B), Geography(C),  

9 GCSE's A-C including: RE(A), Bio/Chem/Phys(B), English(B), Maths(B)

BT Telecom Trophy for the Sciences (2003), Prefect (Comission 2001-2003)

Radio Communications Foundation: UK Foundation Amateur Radio Licence (2013 - South Glam RAYNET)


David has had unrivaled experience in both public and political arenas as Scientific Autistic Representative in the area of Autistic Spectrum Conditions, including support, education, early years development, life-stage transition, employment and many more subjects to name but a few, whilst also keeping that experience up-to-date and relevant to the "real world" environment from a geographical context.

From this point of view he has been asked by many groups, organisations and government departments to represent the interests of the Aspie Community at large and to promote Neuro-Diversity, an equality where Aspies and Ordinary people alike are respected for who they are and treated no better and no worse than one another. In this regard, he is widely regarded including politically by many commentators as a true representative of the Autistic Spectrum Community, who is always willing to lend an ear of support to make sure that advocacy and a strong but understanding voice within the community is available.