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Second Statement on raid in Cardiff

Posted on November 7, 2012 at 9:40 PM

From what has so far been exposed, a very unusual, and quite frankly terrifying situation is unfolding, where the rights of those on the spectrum, particularly those with other mental health issues, is being userped (I used the word advisedly after much reflection as to whether it is right to call it that).


It became clear that two different agendas have been going on when a fellow advocate on the spectrum had their door forced open by those who swore an oath to protect the public trust as peace officers. They failed in their duty that night and caused far more harm in that moment than what they had been apparently told to respond to prevent from somewhere in the higherarchy of their constabulary. It is believed this was also for political purposes against a vulnerable adult who is now my client who I stated earlier I would defend in the legal system.

However, I cannot for the life of me, as a lifelong admirer of the police in the United Kingdom, understand a very strange set-precedent that occured as I undertook what I thought was a very diplomatic role on behalf of my client. To even consider that I had not been told "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" by the force I'd so admired since childhood struck a chilling chord. Whether this was higher up in the chain of command (which can have it's flaws and faults, naturally) or whether I'd been given "special treatment" as a representative I'll never know until I take the difficult, but necercerry step to challange it.

Why would the press, be handed different information on the raid (and it was a raid without warrent, no matter what anyone else says it may have been), that was only a week before dismissed by the computer records of the force? The questions only get deeper as to why it was not recorded at the time and to why the constabulary's PR department had seperate information that was NOT shared with the rest of the force and to those acting in client's interests. I also have to question the motives of the journalist team who inquired about my client's situation for ratings: This is no time to "stand back" and withold information just to get the headlines. As citizens, they have an obligation to the law of the land and the people of this country. If as a journalist you deny anyone's right to justice for the sake of ratings, profit or popularity, then you are totally responsible for the actions you take!

Either way, I will remain morally fair and unbiased in analysing what happened, why it happened and in seeking justice for my client, as well as to curtail the use of "welfare visits" and to make it compulsory that only the most highly-skilled, trained and competent officers carry this out, and that the indications of such have to be substanciated by far more than just social media messages or political clout that seems to cloud the judgement of lone-hand actions taken by members of the constabularly.

The time of intolerance of the Aspie Community in the United Kingdom MUST come to an end NOW!

I will take up my duty now to that end.

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