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My most pioneering mission yet (AKA Me Vs DWP)

Posted on February 10, 2013 at 4:05 AM

Having already shared, campaigned, protested, remonstrated, spoken up and tried to be there about the victims of the DWP re-assessment process voluntarily without re-numeration and with only the time and effort that I could personally muster, I myself will now face the dreaded process that has claimed the lives of an average of 73 disabled people per week. However, this is where the similarities of this with other situation ends: Monday will be the start of one of the biggest, most concise, most through, most critical, most ambitious, most consulted, most documented, most air-tight, most multi-disciplinary and most pioneering effort through the process EVER YET UNDERTAKEN. As I go through this journey with an exponentially growing number of friends and colleagues who have offered every support that I have gratefully and unhesitatingly received - who among them also bring an armada of resources and other people with them. I also have the hope that the prayers where I have expressed concern have been answered from up on high and even now as if by sheer coincidence open up more doors to me that are best-suited to the expertise of a pioneer and a tiger like me. If I struggle, then I won't be alone and the world will be watching and will finally know how to not end up in the same situation. If I win though, it will be a kick in the teeth of the Neo-Nazis Coalition Government that in treason occupies OUR parliament through the apathy of those who are not awake to the realities of the countries of the UK. And there is an additional reward from all these efforts.... We will be SAVING the lives, liberties and freedoms of those who have so far in-vainly searched for an answer against this tyranny that has locked it's jaws onto us and fear they too are only one far too easy step away from their worst nightmares and fears. And all you did for me was assist in even the smallest of ways, collectively, but as yourselves who said "I'm going to do something about this - I won't stand idly by" - Some of you have already done so - and I encourage each among you to find your guts to do what I have always done....Proven the supposed "experts" wrong by just being yourself and being there for others when the need arises. God Speed and Good Luck to all of you who prove me wrong about your intentions ;)

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