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So am I important in Aspie Representation? Well....YES

Posted on July 14, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Often when speaking as a representative and an expert witness of the experiences, problems, wishes, wants and needs of the Aspie Community, it is very rare to feel comforted by contributions I make (however breif these are). It can be very difficult, particularly when resources for Adult Services for those on spectrum are being cut or not very well provided for. My contributions to the Welsh Goverment Cross Party Autism Group (CPAG) last month have not only been greatly received, but also concerns being put to the highlight of debates by the Chair of CPAG the Right Honourable Mark Isherwood AM, who has utilised my testimony so far twice in questions to both Deputy Minister Gwenda Thomas AM (who is responsible for the Autism Action Plan and it's policy) and the First Minister Carlwyn Jones AM. Having been taught how to debate myself, I was very happy to see Mark put forward the key components of what I had to say in his speeches. I am also very impressed that he decided to use a favoured title of mine rather than my name: The Asperger's Syndrome Pioneer. It is on the business cards that I gave out at that and every meeting or committee I speak at and I am very glad that Mark has decided to use this, particularly to use my testimony to say that we as adults are being left out of the Autism Action Plan for Wales, both in general, in diagnosis and service provision.

Since Marks' points to the assembly get straight to the point, rather than giving any false-hopes (and revealed around £2million that I'm sure he and I will be keeping an eye on how it is spent, along with putting my two-penn'oth into the Action Plan's consultation and scheduling a meeting with Gwenda Thomas AM to address this and scritinise non-partisanly as possible) here is the links to his testimony and to my quotes he's used.

Thank you Mark, on behalf of the Adults on the Spectrum in Wales :)


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