David Malins: The Asperger's Syndrome Pioneer

David Malins CertHE as the UK Aspie Adult High Representative

David Malins is in a unique diplomatic role in the United Kingdom (Mainly in Wales and the West Midlands) as the Adult High Representative for the Aspie Community (individuals and families) in the UK. The role is entirely voluntary, unpaid and has no precedent - yet, David strongly believes that the position is vital to acheive neurodiversity within society and in service provision, as well as providing another democratic "check-and-balance" to debate in areas both inside and outside that concerning the Aspie Community and families living with Autistic Spectrum Conditions. 

Adult High Representative is the UK equivilent of a role whose precedent was set by Ari Ne'eman in the United States(whose a founder of the Autism Self Advocacy Network) who is responsible to ensuring the overall views of the Aspie Community is heard and debated properly rather than left to supposed "professionals".

The Adult High Representative is part of a wider structure being organised by David and the Anglo-DCU Aspie Link Institute to eventually form the beginnings of an "Aspie Council of Great Britain", where adults on the spectrum can monitor the progress of the likes of the Autism Strategic Action Plan in their local area and then report overall progress to the High Representative in case there is a need to address wider issues with micronational, parish, local, devoloved, regional and central governments.

If you would like to find out more about this scheme or would like to help David and Aspie Link in the Adult Representative system, or you have any concerns that need attention from the Adult Representatives, please contact David on 07531235334 or email malinsd@googlemail.com or find him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-JF-Malins-Aspie-Public-Speaker-Rep/116956821679889