David Malins: The Asperger's Syndrome Pioneer

David Malins CertHE: "The Asperger's Syndrome Pioneer"

David Malins is a proud citizen diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, who has proved the world around him wrong about the myths of AS and Autistic Spectrum Conditions and become infamous as being a text-book example of what Hans Asperger called a "Little Professor" - making his name in both his home county of Herefordshire and in Wales.

Forget about "coping with Asperger's", for David it is a unique and adventurous life that he has led by just "getting on with it" (or had 'got it together' as described by Dr Temple Grandin at the 2011 Wales Autism Conference) and if anything allowing unique perspectives and abilities to shine through, with a maturity yet lust for life beyond his years.

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